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Introducing handcrafted cedar soap dishes

A perfect accessory to display my “Birds of Maine” soaps, or any other soap. Each soap dish is highly attractive and is unique in design and appearance. Embedded with custom photo/graphics and various features make these more like an individual piece of art. Some are one of a kind and some limited quantity making any of them collectible. Crafted from re purposed fine cedar blocks  and re purpose  acrylics making these composite combinations an Eco friendly purchase. Whole sale pricing is available on selected dishes. All dishes com with bumper guard protectors on the bottoms. To protect the natural finish and keep from scratching  counter tops or other surfaces also allows for proper drainage. Soap dishes are also available in hemlock, mahogany, pine, or birch combinations.

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One Thought on “Welcome

  1. Allison on 6 March, 2015 at 5:22 pm said:

    I love these soaps! The quality is wonderful and of course they are so beautiful! Sometimes it’s the little things that brighten a day!